Fitness programming

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The smart way to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Online fitness coaching

Long-term strategies

We believe in creating long-term strategies for our clients, so that together we can meet the goals you set yourself in this life.


Our nutrition habits and lifestyles are just as important as the time we spend in the gym.

Monthly video calls

Consulting with our clients and assessing their progress is all part of the coaching process.

Importantly, it helps us understand how our clients are responding to the training and what external influences might be impacting their progress.

Daily fitness programmes

Our clients receive Exercise and Lifestyle programmes every day, via CoachRX.

Your coach will use your assessment outcomes and goals to create a personalised training programmes specifically for you.

Four week trial

Experience individualised programme design, no commitment

New to online fitness coaching?

What is remote fitness coaching?

Remote fitness coaching has gone from being a niche fitness offering to a popular alternative to personal training. The main reason for the success is through empowering the athlete to achieve their goals.

Coaches plan and design a training year for their athletes and share the responsibility for the results.

Move towards your fitness goals

Remote coaching is suited to individuals that are self-movitated, don’t mind training on their own,
but need some help to achieve their health and fitness goals.